We are back

2 Sep



After the lazy AUG, the monthly ride is coming back again.

Regular riding will be held on EVERY month.We are welcome all the cycling girls to join us, here are the information of the September girls ride:

Monthly Girls Ride – September ( Morning Ride)
Date: 6-9-2014 (Saturday)
Meeting time & point: 8:30am,Tsuen Wan West westrail station Exit B
Starting time: 9:00 am
Route: Tsuen Wan 荃灣> Tuen Mun屯門> Yuen Long元朗

Welcome to inbox us if you have any questions.



Wheeler’s Yard – bicycle workshop & cafe in Singapore

14 Aug

Wheerler’s Yard located in an industrial park off Balestiar Road, the warehouse chic decor of this bicycle atelier looks more like an East London warehouse than a family run bicycle store and canteen. Visitors have the option of either purchasing one of their stylish single-speed bicycles or enjoying a simple canteen menu offering the typical brunch fare of all-day breakfasts, sandwiches, pies and burgers.

Finally a trip down to Wheelar’s Yard in Singapore. Impressed by the decoration and cool bikes . As you may or may not know, Wheelar’s Yard is based on a bicycle workshop concept with the incorporation of cafe. From the exterior walls, metal bins and gates, totally give you the workshop feel. Furthermore with bicycles lined up just at one side of the area, and another filled with seating tables. I would say it’s one of the more unique themed cafe. And the decorations dont just end there. There’s more within the cafe area too.
The following snapshots will give you a glimpse of the highlights.



《慢騎女遊》Fixielicious ~ Hong Kong fixed gear girl X Slow-Mo Classic Bike tour

19 Jun

在上星期六 HKFGG 與  Slow-Mo Classic 慢騎主義 合作辦了一次的單車旅行團(我比較覺得像旅行團)。


今次十分感謝「慢騎主義」的安排,他給我們安排了很多導賞的資料,如香港經典女校介紹、女子校服的演進等等的「女性歷史題材」 成為了「慢騎女遊」的一大特色。我們由柯士甸出發途經 油麻地,亞皆老街,大角咀,雷生春,石峽尾,九龍塘 一直到牛頭角。HKFGG也是第一次用這個方式去橫跨整個九龍呢~


13 17 DSCF2388 DSCF2394 DSCF2397 DSCF2402 DSCF2403 DSCF2404 DSCF2415 DSCF2418 DSCF2420 DSCF2426 DSCF2430 DSCF2432 DSCF2448 copy DSCF2451


讓單車客 共享路權 (2014年6月14日 經濟日報副刊)

14 Jun

10300975_10154395637370131_7789937899976936271_n copy


Girls in Velodrome

11 Jun

上星期我們幾位女孩子到了香港白石的 Velodrome 一試騎場地賽的感覺~

女孩們的勇敢實在令人無法想像。也令大家知道只要你想,一定能成功!1511808_10154251538880192_5872365986711736120_o 1781217_10154251532020192_1789158170468213685_o 1796919_10154251511340192_6707316314572137132_o 1979194_10154251539640192_8026819164775128285_o 10256069_10154251523770192_132752002241775469_o 10259238_10154251513910192_7343585367677037116_o 10269326_10154251527610192_4485180652878940816_o 10273190_10154251532915192_8740918325841131769_o 10295498_10154251518465192_4164390188506619498_o 10296068_10154251516795192_5522017432288880219_o 10296267_10154251520515192_8137242899642398369_o 10296435_10154251505305192_9129967198446527646_o 10298376_10154251538060192_8089549376041668893_o 10298418_10154251510845192_1176703004092643341_o 10333485_10154251526820192_7420462497004591160_o 10344306_10154251526100192_1428796511516752887_o 10403940_10154251526400192_1938186522099095104_o 10431209_10154251520275192_3926918746709961905_o

photo by Ray Del Regno

thank you so much