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Wheeler’s Yard – bicycle workshop & cafe in Singapore

14 Aug

Wheerler’s Yard located in an industrial park off Balestiar Road, the warehouse chic decor of this bicycle atelier looks more like an East London warehouse than a family run bicycle store and canteen. Visitors have the option of either purchasing one of their stylish single-speed bicycles or enjoying a simple canteen menu offering the typical brunch fare of all-day breakfasts, sandwiches, pies and burgers.

Finally a trip down to Wheelar’s Yard in Singapore. Impressed by the decoration and cool bikes . As you may or may not know, Wheelar’s Yard is based on a bicycle workshop concept with the incorporation of cafe. From the exterior walls, metal bins and gates, totally give you the workshop feel. Furthermore with bicycles lined up just at one side of the area, and another filled with seating tables. I would say it’s one of the more unique themed cafe. And the decorations dont just end there. There’s more within the cafe area too.
The following snapshots will give you a glimpse of the highlights.