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Bike illustration by Miss SOFEI

29 May


一位居住在香港的外國朋友Miss Sofei一直有看我們的Blog, 直到幾星期前她在街上巧遇ball和她單車,


Miss Sofei’sBlog:

Pau Cheng

27 May


Carhartt x Vans Syndicate Era “3M Pack”

20 May

carhartt-wip-vans-syndicate-era-tab-s-3m-pack-release-info-01 Carhartt-x-Vans-Syndicate-Era-3M-Pack

carhartt-vans-syndicate-era-3m-pack-2-570x380 carhartt-vans-syndicate-era-3m-pack-3-570x380

The last collaboration between Carhartt and Vans Syndicate resulted in a pair of Old Skools approximately the size of a second generation Range Rover.  This new pack of Carhartt x Vans Eras is also larger than life, but instead of special effects, this ’3M Pack’ takes its name from the reflective material that makes these unassuming orange, yellow, blue and black styles explode with light in the right conditions.  Stick with Sneaker News for release info and let us know which of these looks best in more images below.

Street Jam Festival 2013

16 May


Don’t forget this coming Sunday, Street Jam Festival 2013,
see you all there.

‘Mobile M+: Inflation!’

16 May

IMG_8676 IMG_8696

IMG_8695 IMG_8707

IMG_8700 IMG_8701 IMG_8705 IMG_8697 IMG_8681 IMG_8687十分有趣充滿趣味的充氣展覽,在大大的吹氣作品下,我們都顯得特別渺小,但卻重新拾回一些同年的回憶.

「M+進行: 充氣!」是西九文化區視覺文化博物館M+所策劃的第四個「游擊」展覽。
選址於未來M+博物館旁的西九文化區公園,「M+進行: 充氣!」期望能透過展出大型充氣雕塑,包括來自藝術家曹斐 (中國)、崔正化 (韓國)、Jeremy Deller (英國)、劉家琨 (中國)、Paul McCarthy (美國)及譚偉平 (香港)的作品,提出對公共藝術本質的疑問,以及公眾參與的可能性。
除了這些充氣雕塑外,展覽同時展出Tomás Saraceno (阿根廷)的表演作品。這些作品喚起一些看似熟悉、不和諧、甚或兩者兼備的聯想,並探索在被建構的環境中,有關自然與人工、宏大與私密、永久與片刻及美態與怪誕等不穩定的概念。
「M+進行: 充氣!」把西九現址化為充氣雕塑公園,嘗試在不斷變化發展的文化和城市景觀的語境下,去改變、削弱和被挑戰藝術和公共空間的現狀以及其固有觀念。

‘Mobile M+: Inflation!’ is the fourth pre-opening “nomadic” exhibitions curated by M+, the new museum for visual culture at the West Kowloon Cultural District.

Occupying the site of the forthcoming park of the District next to the future building of M+, the large-scale inflatable sculptures by Cao Fei (China), Choi Jeong Hwa (South Korea), Jeremy Deller (UK), JIAKUN ARCHITECTS (China), Paul McCarthy (USA), and Tam Wai Ping (Hong Kong) presented here pose questions about the nature of public art and the ways in which audiences might engage with it.

These works, accompanied by a performance piece by Tomás Saraceno (Argentina), may evoke associations that seem familiar, jarring, or both. Together, they explore the ever-changing notions of nature and artifice, intimacy and monumentality, permanence and temporariness, as well as beauty and the grotesque in the realm of constructed landscapes.

By transforming the current site into a (con)temporary sculpture park of inflatables, ‘Mobile M+: Inflation!’ attempts to consider how certain realities and preconceptions around art in public space can be altered, undermined and challenged in the context of an evolving and endlessly mutating cultural and urban landscape.