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OUR stickers are restock.

29 Apr



Our stickers are restock,contact us if you wanna get it :)

Mag Siu Sunday Ride

28 Apr

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平日要長時間上班的Mag Siu 每次有假期的時候便會爭取時間去騎車。難得今天沒下雨大家有去騎車嗎?

photo taken by wangkit

Reel-Storage within a triangle

24 Apr

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‘Reel’ can transform the main triangle of the bike frame to store your belongings.

The silicone stickers are attached onto the frame and the elastic band is wound up between them.

Unlike common bicycle accessories, the flexibility of the band allows the user to express their style by customizing the shape of ‘Reel’.

東涌Ride (Part2)

11 Apr

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YOHO Girl magazine interview

9 Apr