Fixielicious – tour of kaisai 2015

18 Oct

Our annual crew trip (2015) from Hong Kong to Osaka , Lots of thanks to our Japanese friends for holding us to ride from Osaka to Kyoto.

Rider : Cathy Liu
Annabelle Chau
Peng Chan
Cilla Phua
Mag Siu
Shooting by : HKFGG
Edit by : Mag Siu @HKFGG
Music mixed by : DJ P-chef
Song list:
1. WAMONO– Hifana
2. Danced All Night– Rip Slyme
3. Cool Hand (Tea Spoon Mix) — Crackin’ DJ Remix
4. Candy hearts– HALCALI
Graphics by : Pei-jeane Chen
Special Thanks
Tomoro Nakasuji
To all the riders who rode with us
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