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Monthly Girls Ride – March

26 Feb


*We are sorry this upcoming event will be postponed to 15/3/2014 (Saturday) under weather condition is not stable in this week.

Regular riding event will be held on the first Saturday or Sunday in EVERY month.We are now inviting all the fixed gear girls to save the date for us. Hope to see you on that day,LET’S RIDE GIRLS! 我們日後將會定期在每月的第一個星期六或日舉辦騎行活動,並歡迎所有fixed gear girl 參與,而三月份的騎行路線將會如下:
Monthly Girls Ride – March
Date: 15-3-2014 Time: 2:00pm – ?
Route: Yuen Long 元朗> Sheung Shui 上水> 鴻淘豆品廠
*more information will be updated very soon,inbox us if you have any questions. 更多當日活動資料將會在日後公佈,如有任何疑問,歡迎向我們查詢。


11 Nov

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Thank you 1626 magazine to invite our rider,Ball to write a special column about bike accessories.
Its a glad experience for us to share our wording on the magazine with all of you.


21 Aug

Thank you Peng Chan bring us those peloton figures from Germany, lovely little one.


Rainy Day

2 Aug

47_1Strong Wind Signal NO.3 in Hong Kong today. Hope all of you may have a nice weekend.


Have a nice day

30 Jul

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