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LifeCycle’s Campaign Ad@ Cannes Lions Award

25 Jun

CityScape” – Gold Lion Campaign Award
You live in a little box.
You get into a little box that drives you to another little box.
And you spend your day thinking little boxed thoughts in your little box.
Till it’s time to leave for the other little box.
Unbox yourself. Get a life. Get a cycle.

RoadMap” – Gold Lion Campaign Award
Look out the window. What do you see?
Wait, there’s no window.
Only a wall. And fake plastic flowers.
And a fake parquet floor.
A plastic coffee cup on a formica table.
Artificial lighting, on all day.
Get out. Get a life. Get a cycle.

Terrain” – Gold Lion Campaign Award

Intrepid explorer
journeying to the Elevator,
bravely navigating past Office Politics,
catching your breath at Cape Watercooler before
you venture to the unknown land they call the Pantry.
Step out. Get a life. Get a cycle.


Double Bike

19 Jun


Bike Art.

14 May

Fixed Gear Girl MOVE!!

20 Mar

由夢特嬌畫的Fixie Girl !!!!!!
(香港插畫藝術家/Hong Kong Fixie Girl /今年年頭踩著Fixie環台14天)



27 Feb