BiBComponents Chocobike grip

24 Oct




相信應該沒什麼人會拒絕巧克力的魔力吧!但當巧克力和自行車放在一起,你會想到什麼?這次HKFGG向大家推薦一個玩味十足的佩飾, BIB Components 推出的Chocobike 把套,以甜美的巧克力作招來,破格地把美味的巧克力外形和把套合併,大賣甜美感覺,並有五種顏色選擇:巧克力棕色,草莓粉紅色,奶油色,綠色和藍色。最令人意想不到的是, 打開包裝,竟然充滿濃濃的巧克力香氣,絕對是充滿驚喜.你可想過騎車的時候,一股股巧克力的香氣向自己撲過來呢?厭倦了千篇一律的把套?來,你定會喜歡這小可愛。

I believe there should be no one would deny the magic of chocolate bars! But chocolate and bikes together, what would you think? This time, HKFGG  recommend a playful accessories to you all. BIB Components launched the Chocobike hand grip set,  the delicious chocolate shape and the hand grip combine together. And there are five colors: the chocolate brown, strawberry pink, cream, green, and blue. The most unexpected is when you open the package, even full of thick chocolate aroma is definitely full of surprises .Tired of the monotony grip? Come, you will love this little cute.

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